Thursday, December 16, 2004

New Sites Announcement

Two new websites open for business ..... sells Baby & Youth Furniture and features the famous "Silver Cross Prams & Strollers"!!

Magrathea Bonsai has great Bonsai Trees and accessories. also has Alta Baby cribs, matching changing tables, All Things Creative round cribs, and Shermag Gliders. Treat your children like royalty with wonderful custom and eligant furniture.

Bonsai from Magrathea Bonsai will give you a little bit of Zen from this ancient Eastern Artform. Add the beauty of nature to your workspace or home with a meditative Bonsai tree, fountain or dish garden.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Strong Enough for a Man. . .

"Secret. The strongest deodorant you can get without a prescription."

I'm seeing multiple problems with this new commercial.
1) Can you actually get PRESCRIPTION deodorant?!?!?
2) If you need a deodorant that strong I have a hard time believing it would be a "Secret".
3) They are advertising on Comedy Central, which really makes me wonder about their demographic, of which I'm a part.
4) Just when I'd gotten over not being happy with my bust size and taken a walk on the beach with my mother to talk about that not-so-fresh feeling they hit me with this. How do you know when you need a deodorant this strong or when you need a prescription?